Tents and Structures


Tents and Structures

Tents create your own space, giving a unique location for your gathering. By renting a tent, you have the power to determine the size, location and layout of your venue creating a space that is uniquely yours, and making it best suited for your party.

Any Occasion Tents & Events is consistently on the cutting edge of the tent industry. With numerous options in frame tents, marquee tents and structure tents, we have the inventory and experience to build the temporary structure to suit your needs. Whether the guest list includes 10 people or 10,000; Any Occasion is here to guide you through the entire process from initial design to final breakdown.

Any Occasion also has the capability of installing various types of lighting, flooring, seating, bleachers, and decor within the structure to create the venue you are seeking. As you know…if you build it they will come. Call us with questions or to arrange an on-site visit to determine the type and size tent that will best suit your needs for your event.

We’ll do our best to build your vision. Whether your event is formal or casual, creating your own venue will make your event memorable.

Frame Tents Frame tents have no interior center poles and are a free standing design. Anchoring is needed to hold it in place, so these must either be tethered to water barrels or by use of ground stakes. They can be used with or without sidewalls, and can be built to pretty much any size requested in 10′ increments.

Structure Tents When the event calls for a more heavy duty structure, a structure tent is the best choice. These tents are more sound, more intricate beams used to form gables instead of a center peak. Two ends of the tent have a side that can be flush up against another building, along with guttering to extend walkways safe from rain. These are often used for formal events, corporate events and fundraisers.

Marquee Tents Formal or casual, the tent and accessories add eye-catching style and make any event memorable.To add a little style and visual impact to your event marquee tents are used. Marquees have high peaks and graceful lines, adding style and visual impact to your event. Also known as circus or festival style tents. These tents need to be secured by using water barrels or ground stakes.

For more information on all tents and structures give us a call and one of our team members can fit the right type and size for your application.